Brian Rosa: Rebuilding the 9th Ward

During October 2006, students and faculty of the Department of City and Regional Planning interviewed over 200 residents of the 9th Ward in New Orleans. These surveys were conducted to obtain community input regarding their priorities for the rebuilding of their neighborhoods after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. With the support of the Arch Winter Fellowship for the Study of Southern Cities and the Department of City and Regional Planning, Rosa conducted follow-up interviews and took photographic portraits of residents who have returned to the 9th Ward. Rosa’s aim was to respectfully document residents’ personal narratives of struggle, resilience, and rebuilding and to put a “human face” on the residents. This exhibit will consist of Rosa’s photos as well as audio recordings of the interviews. Audio was recorded and produced by Ben Phelps-Rohrs (BA ’07).

This show is supported by an Individual Artist Grant from the Cornell Council for the Arts.



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