Brian Dunn: Wall Ball, for Blinky

Brian Dunn's (M.F.A. '13) Wall Ball, for Blinky is an installation and performance in homage and response to the artist Blinky Palermo's series of Wall Paintings of the late 60s and early 70s. On Friday, September 16, the Olive Tjaden Experimental Gallery will offer a wall painting installation that doubles as handball court. Handball became a fascination of Dunn's during the years he spent living in New York City, where monolithic court walls can be found in almost every public park. Wall Ball, for Blinky is meant to evoke the physical and spatial relation of a Palermo wall piece, while poking fun at the formal austerity of this type of painting through a conflation of the experience of the wall as both high art and as utilitarian sport arena.

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