Breakfast and Career Conversation with John Taylor

Urban Social Forum in Surabaya, Indonesia.

AAP Connect Professional Development Series

John Taylor is an Indonesian-American whose love for the country and passion for urban development led him to cofound the nonprofit organization Kota Kita in 2010. Taylor leads the foundation, helps come up with ideas, conducts research and analysis, and also connects with government, community, civil society partners, and donors. Taylor has served as a technical advisor on urban programs and research initiatives for UN-HABITAT Indonesia, Mercy Corps Indonesia, and the Asia Foundation; and has worked in Angola, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, and Timor Leste on urban development, governance, and planning issues. He has a master's degree in urban planning from Harvard University.

Hear about Taylor's trajectory into international planning and development as well as opportunities to work with Kota Kita.

Cosponsored by the South East Asia Program and AAP Connect.
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