B.F.A. Thesis Group Show: Party of Six

Two neon green balls with a water bottle cap on it next to a black ball with another water bottle cap on it.
Jaeyong Choi (B.F.A. '17), untitled (2017).
Frame of a house under construction
Rachel Redhead (B.F.A. '17), untitled (2017).
Someone with long dark hair and arms sticking out of a chopsticks wrapper sleeping bag.
Tiffany Li (B.F.A. '17), China Bistro (2017).
Two knives next to pieces of fish after getting filleted.
Rebecca Allen (B.A./B.F.A. '17), untitled (2017).
A person wearing a gray body suit and a pink apron in a room with palm tree wallpaper, an early computer, place mats, and various utensils laid out.
James Quinn (B.F.A. '17), video still from hrrrgleee (2017).
Jaeyong Choi (B.F.A. '17), untitled (2017). Rachel Redhead (B.F.A. '17), untitled (2017). Tiffany Li (B.F.A. '17), China Bistro (2017). Rebecca Allen (B.A./B.F.A. '17), untitled (2017). James Quinn (B.F.A. '17), video still from hrrrgleee (2017).

Party of Six is the thesis exhibition featuring new work from Rebecca Allen (B.A./B.F.A. '17), Jaeyong Choi (B.F.A. '17), Tiffany Li (B.F.A. '17), James Quinn (B.F.A. '17), Rachel Redhead (B.F.A. '17), and Yuxi Xiao (B.F.A. '17).

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