B.F.A. Thesis Group Show: No Stone Unturned

Cream background poster with white words 'NO STONE UNTURNED', word 'unturned' is upside down.

No Stone Unturned is an exhibition by the 2018 B.F.A. thesis students, including work that represents uncertain ideas, ambivalent forms, and untrodden paths. As these students present their individual thesis shows and prepare to leave Cornell, this show asks, "What may be left out, or left behind?"

Featured students include:

  • Briana Coleman (B.F.A. '18)
  • Kylie Corwin (B.F.A. '18)
  • Kevin Cruz (B.A./B.F.A. '18)
  • So Yeon Kim (B.F.A. '18)
  • Ariella Lindenfeld (B.F.A. '18)
  • Alexandra Plache (B.F.A. '18)
  • Pauline Shongov (B.A./B.F.A. '18)
  • Lauryn Smith (B.F.A. '18)
  • Euna Sun (B.F.A. '18)
  • Anna Warfield (B.A./B.F.A. '18)
  • Haeji Yang (B.F.A. '18)
  • Jay Yang (B.F.A. '18)

Curated by Brice Peterson (M.F.A. '19).

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