Bernard Cache: Instruments of Thought

Department of Architecture Spring 2012 Lecture Series
Glanzer-Curtis Family Lecture

Bernard Cache is an independent theorist, architect, and industrial designer living in Paris with a workshop-based practice, Objectile. Cache founded Objectile together with his partner Patrick Beaucé in 1996 to conceive and manufacture non-standard architecture components. Cache researches the use of digital tools and computational techniques for architectural conception and production, termed "non-standard architecture" by the Centre Pompidou exhibition of 2004. Cache has played an important alternative role by delving into history, philosophy, and mathematics to uncover the relationship between today’s computational and material technologies and the traditions of the past. He applies research into characters such as Plato, Euclid and recently Durer (among others) to inform today’s production of architecture. His numerous publications include Earth Moves: The Furnishing of Territories (1995) and Objectile (2006).

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