B.Arch. Work Included in The Best Student Work Worldwide in ArchDaily

Fluid Pavilion

August 29, 2015

Fluid Pavilion, a project by B.Arch. students Charisse Foo (B.Arch. '18) and Hanxi Wang (B.Arch. '18), was featured in an article titled "The Best Student Work Worldwide: ArchDaily Readers Show us their Studio Projects" that appeared in ArchDaily on August 3.

Created for the spring semester course In Construction: From Sheet to Form, taught by visiting critics Martin Miller and Sasa Zivkovic, Fluid Pavilion was an exploration of the ability of the thermoforming process to program memory into sheet plastic, to acquire a new resting state after deformation, and to then flex back to this deformed state. The final installation displayed the ability of plastic to be both rigid and organic while maintaining the lightness of a transparent enclosure.

ArchDaily received more than 100 submissions from around the globe. The final 26 selections included work from Universidad San Martín de Porres in Peru, Rice School of Architecture, Universidad de Alicante in Spain, Samara University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Russia, and MIT among others.

Earlier in the spring, ArchDaily issued the call for student work submissions in a story titled "We're Collecting the Best Studio Projects from Universities Worldwide - Submit Your Work!" Jello Pavilion, a project from Lorena del Río's spring seminar titled A Journey into Plastics was used as the main image in that story.

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