Association: The Volumes: 2005–18

drawings of previous Association volumes

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Thirteen years, 10 volumes, 650 projects, countless Associations.

Association invites the Cornell AAP community to the exhibition Association: The Volumes: 2005–18 in the East Sibley Exhibition Hallway. Celebrating the launch of its 10th volume this fall, Association is proud to revisit its past, specifically recontextualized within where the publication stands today.

The exhibition displays the content of volume 10, as well as curated works from previous volumes that were selected by current members to showcase the wide variety of works featured in the publication in the past. Overall, the exhibition brings together the works of students, faculty, and alumni across architecture, art, and planning.

Visitors to the exhibition are encouraged to continue to curate in their own minds in the same fashion the current members did — ultimately creating new and unique Associations between the works of the past and present.

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