Association Publishes Volume 9

a white book seen edge-on with 9 die-cut windows on the cover revealing color renderings

Association volume 9. photo / provided

April 16, 2018

Volume 9 of Association was released this spring with a launch party in the L. P. Kwee Studios. Association is a student-run organization that produces the annual publication featuring student, faculty, and alumni work across the disciplines of architecture, art, and planning, with a particular interest in cross-disciplinary projects that demonstrate the connections between these fields.

The diverse projects in volume 9 were produced between fall 2015 and fall 2016. In a departure from previous years, they were not organized by theme, but alphabetically by the ninth letter of the creators' names, and grouped into nine chapters of all types, allowing for new "associations" within the groupings.

Highlights from volume 9 include:

  • Designer and architecture alumna Francesca Franchi's (M.Arch. '88) award-winning project Women and Children's Hospital and Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in Yantai, China
  • Asleep at the Trigger, an exhibition of student work by Christina Welzer (B.F.A. '19) based on the idea of "lethal beauty" and inspired by the practice of engraving guns
  • The student group Building Community's Traveling Tool Library, modeled after a tool shed and constructed from salvaged materials
  • A special issue of the Journal of the American Planning Association on historic preservation and planning (volume 82, number 2) coedited by CRP's Assistant Professor Jennifer Minner and featuring alumni from the Historic Preservation Planning program, among other contributors.

The Association volume 9 team includes:

Senior head editors:
Heesun (Joyce) Han (B.Arch. '18)
Ye Chan (Daniel) Park (B.Arch. '20)
Alisa Tiong (B.Arch. '18)

Junior head editors:
Edna Begum Birol (B.Arch. '20)
Georgine Botha (B.Arch. '20)
Demi Chang (B.Arch. '20)
Wen Jin (Daisy) Dai (B.Arch. '21)
Oonagh Davis (B.Arch. '20)
Jingxin Yang (B.Arch. '21)

Nicole Bansal (B.Arch. '20)
Kate Chen (B.Arch. '18)
Grace Cheng (B.Arch. '21)
Wendolin Gonzalez (B.Arch. '21)
Curtis Ho (B.Arch. '20)
Jane Jackson (B.Arch. '21)
Ami Kurosaki (B.Arch. '21)
Jin Woo (Eric) Lee (B.F.A. '20)
Ami Mehta (B.Arch. '21)
Yueer Niu (B.Arch. '21)
Lauren Park (B.Arch. '21)
Jing Wang (B.Arch. '20)
Xiaohang (Gloria) Yan (B.Arch. '20)
Chisato Yamakawa (B.Arch. '21)
Yuheng Amber Zhu (B.Arch. '20)

Association's faculty advisor is Barry Perlus, associate professor of art and former associate dean of AAP.

To purchase a copy, email or message @cornellassociation on Instagram.

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