asensio_mah: Transformers

Leyre Asensio Villoria and David Syn Chee Mah

“Transformers” departs from Gottfried Semper's renowned interpretation of the tectonic art of architecture as “the draping of ornate surfaces over a tectonic volume.”

As in Semper's distinctions, and still today, a clear division between surface effect (ornament) and the frame is accepted as normative practice.

“Transformers” rethinks this division between the frame and ornament and attempts to collapse the frame and the “textile” into a composite tectonic.

Associations with fabric, water, landscapes and other pliant material organizations are embedded in the frame through the application of geometric transformations across a number of scales.

Three fabricated proto-frame samples are exhibited with varying degrees of transformation. The frames present an instance in the production of the rippled, pleated and bloated through the planar and striated, a limit that still dominates the practice of much of contemporary construction.

Thanks – Fabiana Alvear, Jack Becker, Brian Beeners, Jessica Bello, Billy Erhard, Kirk Finkel, Andrew Linn, Soomin Park, Johann Schweig.

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