Artist Michael Ashkin is named 2009 Guggenheim fellow

April 18, 2009

Michael Ashkin, assistant professor in the Department of Art, has been named as a recipient of a 2009 fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. Ashkin, who is also the director of graduate studies in the art department, will use the fellowship to support his upcoming solo exhibition at Secession in Vienna, Austria.

“The award of a Guggenheim fellowship is a prestigious intellectual and cultural accolade and an endorsement of the significance, relevance, and urgency of a scholar's or an artist's work,” said Patti Phillips, chair of the Department of Art. “Michael Ashkin is a deeply accomplished artist and public intellectual. This fellowship confirms the quality and integrity of his research and practice and brings distinction to the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning and Cornell University.”

Ashkin said, “My work spans various media (sculpture, photography, video) and addresses issues of landscape, specifically the intersection of subjectivity with the social, economic, and political production of space.”

He is among 180 recipients from the creative arts, social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences and is Cornell’s only Guggenheim fellow for 2009.

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