Arthur Huang: Waste Stream Inspired Economy

Arthur Huang is the managing director of MINIWIZ, an all-in-one design, engineering, manufacturing, and product marketing company located in Taipei. The firm focuses on the application of existing and future green technology. Huang’s work and teaching interests cross disciplinary boundaries, moving between architecture, product design, and material studies. Among other architectural materials, Huang is responsible for the development of the self-structuring polli-brick, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. As the “world's first scalable carbon-neutral recycled polymer architectural cladding," the polli-brick system has won numerous awards, including the prestigious 2010 Earth Award. The system was implemented in the recently completed EcoArk Pavilion, a fully deconstructable three-story building that will open in 2010 in Taipei. Huang is a. graduate of AAP (B.Arch.) and Harvard University's Graduate School of Design (M.Arch.II).

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