Art students named recipients of 2007 John Hartell Graduate Award

February 2, 2008

The Department of Art recently announced the recipients of the 2007 John Hartell Graduate Award, students Alika Herreshoff (M.F.A. '08) and Lindsey Glover (M.F.A. '08). Chosen from entries submitted by graduate students in the Department of Art, the award's recipients are decided upon by department faculty in recognition of excellence in a studio practice.

A graduate of Tufts University and Boston's School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Herreshoff's work consists of "drawings and prints that employ a comic-abstract language and are related to animation and comic books, as well as Color Field and Pop painting." In describing the appeal of his own work, Herreshoff points to "humor that pragmatically points back to things which 'shouldn't be funny' and which at the very least puts them 'on the table,' or in the tableaux, for discussion." 

According to the artist, Glover's large-format digital print series, Hollowed Out, "focuses on the complexity of a first, momentary glimpse, where fragments of sightings, derived from the actual and tangible coexist with the ephemeral and the assumed." "The private space of backyard is the subject of this series," she says. "The yard is the middle ground between the private interior of a house and the land beyond the property lines. It is owned, secluded and segmented." A graduate of Alfred University, Glover's work also includes video and video installation pieces.

The John Hartell Graduate Award was established in memory of John Hartell by members of his family, friends, and former students after his death in October 1995 at the age of 93. Hartell joined the architecture faculty in 1930 and the art faculty in 1940 and served as chair of the art department from 1940 until 1959.

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