Art student news

May 2, 2012
Colin Budd (B.F.A. ’15) was selected as the Cornell champion of the 2012 Microsoft Fireze/BXT Innovation Challenge. The competition pulls together students from top university programs in business, design/arts, and technology and challenges them to come up with innovative solutions to a problem area that is of significant strategic value to Microsoft — in this case, the Bing search engine. The first round of the competition was held at the teams’ home universities. More than 10 Cornell teams entered the competition and worked on a new concept and business plan for Bing. After winning the university competition, Budd’s team traveled to Microsoft headquarters. There, they were reorganized into teams with students from other schools to compete for the overall grand prize. Budd, while not on the team that won the grand prize, was recognized as one of the contest’s best designers, and was the youngest competitor to be offered an internship with Microsoft. Thao Ly Bui Tran ’12, a student in the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, was part of the team that won the grand prize: each member took home three top-of-the-line Microsoft products. If their idea is eventually used in an actual product, Microsoft will then make a monetary donation to the winners’ home universities.
An essay written by Bernard Yenelouis (M.F.A. ’12) titled I am the daughter of Earth and Water, was published Pastelegram, print issue #1. It can also be seen online.
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