Art Student Exhibitions Beyond AAP

Student, left, viewing his installed painting

Art student Alex Jahani (M.F.A. '18) comments on his painting on view at the law school. William Staffeld / AAP

May 17, 2017

Following several student exhibitions that have taken place in the recent past because of specific needs for artwork in different spaces around campus, the Department of Art is seeking to increase regular opportunities for art students to show their work outside of the college.

Currently, first-year M.F.A. student Alexander Jahani (M.F.A. '18) has several paintings installed in and around Associate Dean Monica Ingram's office at the law school. Jahani noted a regular need for available exhibition space in order to periodically get his work out of the isolated space of his studio in The Foundry. "Just ahead of this opportunity at the law school, I'd received specific advice from faculty to consider more carefully the conditions in which my work would be installed, so in a way, the timing was perfect," he commented.

Art students apply well in advance for regular use of the Olive Tjaden galleries, John H. Hartell Gallery in Sibley Dome, or the Bibliowicz Family Gallery in Milstein Hall. But in an effort to provide exhibition opportunities in new places, Michelle Sinnigen, the academic programs coordinator for the art department, has been in conversation with Ingram at Myron Taylor Hall and the registrar's office in Day Hall to discuss the ongoing use of their spaces for this purpose.

In the past, students have worked with units such as Cornell libraries, student housing, and most recently, Cornell's new eHub in Kennedy Hall on a range of different kinds of installations and exhibitions. While unique opportunities for art students will continue to emerge, it is the art department's hope that partnering units at Cornell will work with them directly to plan for regular exhibitions that will feature different student artists and their chosen media.

Students will benefit from regular access to a wider range of spaces to engage and consider, as well as diversified viewership. "Students find value in seeing their work in new spaces that make it more accessible to the larger Cornell community," says Sinnigen on her vision for the potential of new partnerships.

Jahani's work will be on view in Myron Taylor Hall through May. While plans for a longer-term campus-wide exhibition schedule are ongoing, the Department of Art hopes to pair another art student with the law school for a second exhibition, and with the registrar's office for the first in their space, during the fall 2017 semester.

By Edith Fikes

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