Art as Experience II: Transmedia: Image, Sound, Motion

Close-up image of yellow string through blue netting forming an X.
Enyue Yang, untitled (2017).
Close-up image of a bug on a plant.
Onora Best, untitled (2017).
Close-up image of a plant with a faded background.
Sherry Xue, untitled (2017).
Enyue Yang, untitled (2017). Onora Best, untitled (2017). Sherry Xue, untitled (2017).

Transmedia: Image, Sound, Motion is the final exhibition of the summer program class titled Art as Experience II, taught by Mark Grimm. The show will feature a combination of work created by the 13 students. Throughout the class, they worked with macro photography, stop animation, and a variety of different film techniques. The show will exhibit a series of photographs, final video work from the students, and most excitingly, interactive installations built with a unique visual coding program. 

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