ART 3799 Video and the Body Studio Workshop: Bodily Insomnia

Two hands about to set down a folded white blanket on top of another white blanket against a dark background.

Video still (2019), from four-channel video installation with sound.

Bodily Insomnia is a video exhibition of work created by students enrolled in ART 3799 Video and the Body. The artwork was created in a four-week workshop taught by Visiting Associate Professor Renate Ferro. The student's work explores social and psychological states in the midst of their own experiences.

Featured artists:

  • Akane Edwards '21
  • Kevin Huberty (B.Arch. '21)
  • David Jansen (B.F.A. '22)
  • Zachary Keller '20
  • Jordan Kelly (B.F.A. '21)
  • Jee Yoon Lim (B.F.A. '22)
  • Tricia Park (B.F.A. '22)
  • Ye Park (B.Arch. '20)
  • Samuel Price (B.F.A. '20)

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