ART 2601 Introduction to Photography: Picturing Sounds and Theories

Black and white photographs of a two-faced man, a woman in foliage, and an abstract image.

Untitled (2016), silver gelatin photograph. photos / Sasson Rafailov (B.Arch. '17), Sofia Escobedo '17, Il-Sang Yoon (M.Arch. '17).

Picturing Sounds and Theories will feature a selection of silver gelatin photographs made in response to sounds of hypnotic music, the bell of King Seongdeok, and theories such as biomimicry, Benjamin's One Way Street, and the animated still. The photographs inspired by non-visual source material are presented as prints, books, and sculptures, and were made by students in ART 2601 Introduction to Photography, taught by Christine Elfman during fall 2016. The students with work in the exhibition include:

  • Jonathan Collazo '18
  • Sofia Escobedo '17
  • Maggie O'Keefe (B.F.A. '19)
  • Samuel Ososanya (B.Arch. '17)
  • Sasson Rafailov (B.Arch. '17)
  • Timothy Ryan (B.Arch. '17)
  • Blossom Schmitt '17
  • Liz Stone '18
  • Il-Sang Yoon (M.Arch. '17)

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