Architecture Graduate Open House for Admitted Students, Spring 2018

Milstein and Sibley halls

Exterior view of Milstein and Sibley halls. photo / provided

Please join us for our spring 2018 open house for admitted students. The day will include program overviews, highlights of our areas of expertise, Q&A sessions with faculty and current students, as well as an opportunity to sit in on our studios and tour our material fabrication shop and facilities. Our faculty and current graduate students make themselves available throughout the day. We hope that you will be able to attend this in-depth introduction to graduate studies at Cornell.

Faculty presenters

  • Kent Kleinman, Gale and Ira Drukier Dean 
  • Andrea Simitch, chair of the Department of Architecture, Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow, associate professor
  • Lily Chi, associate professor, interim director of M.Arch. program
  • Jenny Sabin, Arthur L. and Isabel B. Wiesenberger Associate Professor, director of graduate studies, and M.Arch.II/M.S. AAD program director
  • Esra Akcan, associate professor, director of the Cornell Institute for European Studies
  • João Almeida, visiting critic
  • Robert Balder, Gensler Family Sesquicentennial Executive Director of AAP NYC
  • Sam Chermayeff, visiting critic
  • Derek Dellekamp, visiting critic
  • Timur Dogan, assistant professor
  • Tao DuFour, visiting assistant professor
  • Dagur Eggertsson, Gensler Visiting Critic
  • Kent Hubbell, professor
  • Dasha Khapalova, visiting critic
  • Leslie Lok, visiting critic, B.Arch. coordinator
  • Aleksandr Mergold, assistant professor
  • Martin Miller, visiting critic
  • Rozana Montiel, visiting critic
  • Erin Pellegrino, visiting critic
  • Sami Rintala, Gensler Visiting Critic
  • Danica Selem, visiting critic
  • Massimiliano Spadoni, visiting critic
  • Jonathan Stitelman, visiting critic
  • Val Warke, associate professor
  • Amanda Williams, visiting critic
  • John Zissovici, associate professor
  • Sasa Zivkovic, assistant professor


9 a.m.

Continental Breakfast
Milstein Hall dome

9:15 a.m.

Welcome Presentation and Faculty Introductions
Milstein Hall dome

Kent Kleinman, Andrea Simitch, Lily Chi, Jenny Sabin, Esra Akcan, Timur Dogan, Alex Mergold, and Val Warke

10:15 a.m.

Professional Master of Architecture (M.Arch.):
Introduction by Director followed by Q&A Session with Faculty and Current Students

Milstein Hall dome

Lily Chi, Christopher Battaglia (M.Arch. '17), Tao DuFour, Suzanne Lettieri (M.Arch. '11), Martin Miller, Dillon Pranger (M.Arch. '15), Danny Salamoun (M.Arch. '14), Lawrence Siu (M.Arch. '11), Sasa Zivkovic, and current M.Arch. students.

Post-Professional Master of Science, Advanced Architectural Design (M.S. AAD):
Material Practices Facilities Tour

Tour of the digital fabrication lab, wood shop, metal shop, and work areas.
The Foundry

History of Architecture and Urban Development (HAUD):
Guided AAP College and Campus Tour

Led by current Ph.D. students in the HAUD program.
Leaving from Milstein Hall dome

11:15 a.m.

Professional Master of Architecture (M.Arch.):
Material Practices Facilities Tour

Tour of the digital fabrication lab, wood shop, metal shop, and work areas.
The Foundry

Post-Professional Master of Science, Advanced Architectural Design (M.S. AAD):
Introduction by Director followed by Q&A Session with Faculty and Current Students

Milstein Hall dome

Jenny Sabin, Esra Akcan, Timur Dogan, Val Warke, Sasa Zivkovic, and current M.S. AAD and M.Arch.II students

12:15 p.m.

Lunch with faculty and current M.Arch., M.Arch.II, and Ph.D. students.
Milstein Hall dome

1 p.m.

Studio and Design Research Lab visits for M.Arch. and M.S. AAD programs
Led by Lily Chi and current M.Arch. and M.Arch.II students.
Leaving from Milstein Hall dome


  • M.Arch. First-year Core Design Studio 2
    Dasha Khapalova and John Zissovici
  • AAP NYC Studio with Director via Live Video Stream
    Robert Balder and current M.Arch. students
  • Option Studio: Architecture and Cities (For a World) without Work
    Sam Chermayeff and Danica Selem
  • Option Studio: The Citizen Body: Interventions for the 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture
    Amanda Williams and Jonathan Stitelman
  • Option Studio: Criminal Behavior: Ornamental Exuberance through Efficiency
    Martin Miller
  • Option Studio: Design Plan 4.0: Of Past and Future Building
    Aleksandr Mergold
  • Option Studio: Fly on the Wall: Reimagining Cross Border Territories through Design Thinking
    Derek Dellekamp, Rozana Montiel, and Erin Pellegrino
  • Option Studio: Robotic Wood Architectures
    Sasa Zivkovic and Brian Havener
  • Option Studio: Small Scale Interventions in the High North
    Dagur Eggertsson, Sami Rintala, and Massimiliano Spadoni
  • Option Studio: Sound, Space, Place: A Center for The Sound Arts and Sciences, Experimental Music and the Performing Arts
    Kent Hubbell
  • Option Studio: Urban Ecologies Beyond the Levees
    Tao DuFour

Design Research Labs:

  • Robotic Building Construction Lab
    Sasa Zivkovic
  • Timur Dogan's sustainable design research
    Timur Dogan
  • Sabin Design Lab
    Jingyang (Leo) Liu (M.Arch.II '15, M.S. MDC '18), teaching assistant, David Rosenwasser (B.Arch. '18)

History of Architecture and Urban Development (HAUD):
Q&A session with Esra Akcan and current Ph.D. students and candidates
261B Sibley Hall

3:45 p.m.

Coffee with M.Arch. Alumni Panel
Coffee and cookies with three Cornell AAP architecture department alumni — Javier Galindo (M.Arch. '11), Suzanne Lettieri (M.Arch. '11), and Lawrence Siu (M.Arch. '11)
Milstein Hall dome

4:30 p.m.

Lecture: Michael Green (B.Arch. '89)
FXFOWLE Lecture for Sustainability, Urbanism, and Design
Abby and Howard Milstein Auditorium, Milstein Hall

6–8 p.m

Wine and cheese with architecture faculty and current graduate students.
The Lynch Conference Room (sixth floor), Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art (I. M. Pei, architect)

8 p.m.

Pizza at The Nines
A chance to meet current M.Arch., M.Arch.II, and Ph.D. students in a relaxed, informal setting; dinner provided.
311 College Avenue, Collegetown

Exhibitions throughout the day:

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