Architects Do Art Exhibit

In four-and-counting years of studying architecture, art has occupied only a minor interstice in our formal education. We all entered the program with strong artistic backgrounds, keen on applying our craftsmanship to an entirely new discipline. Yet, while some students diverged complaisantly, many of us have had trouble denying our original passions, unaware that our committed entry into architecture implied such a profound departure from these well-established modes of expression. Indeed, by authorizing commitment to building design, for better or for worse, our intrinsic talents have been largely neglected and, furthermore, any interaction with the art department has been mostly fortuitous and inconsequential.

Notwithstanding the tiresome demands and unforgiving hours of our major, scores of architecture students still uphold their artistic interests, often privately and in opposition to pressure from studio professors. We are urged to stay the course, as it were; however, our inability to abandon art in the face of respected adversaries speaks audibly of its undeniable import, as well as its unfortunate absence from architectural pedagogy of present-day.

By exhibiting a varied selection of our artwork in Tjaden Gallery, we wish to bring attention to this predicament, stimulate interdepartmental conversation, and take steps towards amending the current separation between art and architecture.



Tuesday, September 7

5-7 p.m.

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