ARCH 4605/6605: Rethinking Wood Structures

Basswood model of truss system

photo / provided

The seminar ARCH 4605/6605: Rethinking Wood Structures looks at the relevance and potentials of timber as a construction material. Structural and physical properties, traditional and modern construction systems, the art of joinery in different cultures, as well as basic construction principles were investigated by means of different case studies to gain a holistic understanding of wood as a construction material.

In a series of assignments, students analyzed the structural integrity and joint systems of timber roof constructions through study models and digital design tools. The digital design feedback was then used to inform a variety of design iterations, which aim to increase the load-bearing capacity of the existing structures without changing other boundary conditions like supports, material, cross-sections, or span widths.

This exhibition sums up the results of 16 students' semester work. It aims to showcase an intuitive approach to structural design and timber constructions through understanding, analyzing, and finally rethinking precedent timber structures.

This exhibition was curated by Visiting Critic Katharina Kral.

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