ARCH 4509/6509: Wax: Models and Drawings

Photograph of wax sculpture

Wax: Models and Drawings. photo / provided

Embedded within the architecture elective course ARCH 4509/6509 Special Topics in Visual Representation: Architectural Models, this informal exhibition showcases the developed work performed throughout a series of workshops curated by guest sculpture artist Hélder Folgado from Portugal. With a high focus on experimentation in an improvised artist's studio assembled in place, there was an exploration of several techniques of abstract visual representations using both drawing and models, two of the most important tools used by an architect to output design concepts and atmospheres. These two techniques acted as the driving force for these workshops and ultimately this exhibition.

Features work by:

  • Bennet Adamson (B.Arch. '20)
  • Rebeca Balbin (B.Arch. '20)
  • Kiril Bejoulev (B.Arch. '19)
  • Tianqi Cui (M.Arch. '19)
  • Alejandro Finol (B.Arch. '19)
  • Ramses Gonzalez (M.Arch. '19)
  • Iris Hong (B.Arch. '20)
  • Yanyang Hou (M.Arch. '18)
  • Kristin Ionata (M.Arch. '17)
  • Nicolas Leonard (M.Arch. '19)
  • Sibei Li (M.Arch.II '18)
  • Dylan Manley (B.Arch. '20)
  • Daniela Mourad (B.Arch. '19)
  • Di Nie (M.Arch.II '18)
  • Luciana Ruiz (B.Arch. '19)
  • Duncan Steele (B.Arch. '20)
  • Isaac Tejeira (B.Arch. '19)
  • Raksarat Vorasucha (B.Arch. '19)
  • Yihang Yan (M.Arch. '19)
  • Christina Zau (B.Arch. '19)

This exhibition was curated by Visiting Critic João Almeida and guest critic Hélder Folgado.

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