ARCH 4509/6509: Drawing Housing Manifestos

Two drawings with black and white lines and dark room with lamp people

photo / provided

Housing has been an essential force in forming our environment and social construct. Its multifarious concerns range from social housing to domesticity and extend from the typological scale of a London row house to the territorial scale of informal settlement. The topic of housing has also served as a vital catalyst to larger ideological shifts in concepts and speculations of cities, such as Ebenezer Howard's Garden City, which rethinks the relationship between live-work-nature, and Yona Friedman's Spatial City that is a response to the 1950s housing shortage in France. Often such manifestos reflect architectural visions in relation to a broad spectrum of shifting sociocultural context and technological progress.

Drawing Housing Manifestos is a visual representation seminar taught by Visiting Critic Leslie Lok that investigates the role of housing within those contexts and how radical housing visions are expressed through deliberate and biased imagery. Responding to specific precedents as design provocations, students invented alternate housing ideas by focusing on the representation of housing scenarios and the development of narratives through the format of a manifesto. The exhibition will present a series of imaginative drawings and narratives from the seminar.

Featured work by:

  • Kun Bi (M.Arch. '18)
  • Tess Clancy (M.Arch. '18)
  • Stephen Clond (M.Arch. '18)
  • Omar Dairi (B.Arch. '20)
  • Eliana Drier (M.Arch. '18)
  • Madeleine Eggers (B.Arch. '19)
  • Alejandro Finol (B.Arch. '19)
  • Diego Garcia Blanco (M.Arch. '18)
  • Hyung Joon Kim (M.Arch.II '18)
  • Dylan Manley (B.Arch. '20)
  • Melanie Monastirsky (M.Arch. '18)
  • Ashlee Robinson (M.Arch.II '18)
  • CoCo Tin (B.Arch. '19)
  • Jing Wang (B.Arch. '20)
  • Yue Zhang (M.Arch.II '18)
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