Anthony Titus: Surface Mining

The exhibition Surface Mining creates a dynamic exchange between a series of paintings, sculptural works, and their relative locations in space. While underlying limits and themes link the works, each piece is highly customized and explores a specific idea of structure, form, imagery, and material. At times the surfaces are composed of many layers of thin ethereal washes, while on other occasions they are opaque and densely built or mechanically applied. Fabrication plays a critical role in Titus's interdisciplinary practice. Spatial and material paradoxes are explored; at times the paintings explore the third dimension, while the sculptures exist as an accumulation of flat two-dimensional planes. The process typically begins with sketches and drawings that are informed by material and spatial moments traced from the built environment. These images are formed as passages of color, formal gesture, and structure. Seeking to construct new ways of seeing, viewers are invited to place themselves in relation to the work in a multitude of ways. This desire to work with a diverse set of experiences is an extension of a larger research project, Twisted Siblings, which has been supported by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.

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