Anthony Ames: Type-Scapes

For more than three decades architect Anthony Ames has produced a series of paintings that reference and are informed by his architecture. Like the architecture, they are geometric and rational yet intuitive and familiar. Informed by a purist aesthetic, they explore an ambiguity created between deep and shallow, pattern and perspective, and distinction and resemblance.

The paintings serve as, if not laboratories, at least playgrounds for architectural investigation. Here visual relationships, arrangements and compositions can be manipulated, transformed, and adjusted on a two-dimensional surface plane as well as in the implied world of three-dimensional perspectival space. Also on view is a porcelain dinnerware set. Ames considers the paintings and designed objects as connected and informing his architectural work through the ideas they share.

Ames is a graduate of Georgia Tech and Harvard University and is a fellow of the American Academy in Rome. He maintains a small private architectural practice in Atlanta.

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