Antón García-Abril: Heavy Rock

Architecture Department Lecture Series

Antón García-Abril, a principal of Ensamble Studio in Madrid, Spain, received his Ph.D. from ETSA in Madrid. Prior to founding his first firm in 1995, García-Abril worked in the office of Santiago Calatrava and Alberto Campo Baeza. Ensamble Studio uses a multidisciplinary approach to the entire process: from the initial conceptual work to the construction detail—controlling every stage along the way. García-Abril’s completed works include the Musical Studies Center in Santiago de Compostela (awarded first prize at the Galicia Biennial 2000 of Architecture), the concert hall and music school in Medina del Campo, the Martemar House in Málaga, and the Valdés Studio in Madrid. Current projects include the central office of Spain ’s General Society of Authors and Editors in Santiago de Compostela, the Berklee Tower of Music in Valencia, and the Paraíso Theater in Shanghai, China.

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