Andrew Fu and Michelle Chen: For Display Purposes Only

square watermelons

Conceived of by Andrew Fu (B.Arch. '15) and Michelle Chen (B.F.A. '13), For Display Purposes Only is a series of hybrid food-objects that investigate the underlying social, cultural, and economic narratives embedded within the square watermelon.

Originating from a small island on the Southern tip of Japan, the square watermelon was initially conceived of as a space-saving solution. In a country where real estate (especially fridge real estate) was scarce the watermelon offered a form that could more efficiently occupy space. The cube, compared to its more curvaceous cousin the ellipsoid, is much better suited for living inside.

Many thanks to Alex Mergold, Amie Cunat, and Piotr Chizinski for their thoughtful advice and guidance, and to John Lai, Christine Pan, and Max Silverstein for their generous help and assistance.

Funded in part by Cornell Council for the Arts
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