Among Us: Rome-based Visual Arts Faculty

The Man of The Season (in loving memory of loving memories), by Luana Perilli

Luana Perilli, The Man of The Season (in loving memory of loving memories). photo / provided

Among Us is an exhibition that presents the work of four visual artists who teach at Cornell in Rome. Varied in their artistic practice and medium, each brings to the students their expertise and their passion for art. The intention of the exhibition is to introduce the visual arts faculty to the Cornell student body, and to show former students the ongoing work of  their professors.

Liana Miuccio has been associated with Cornell in Rome for many years as instructor of digital photography. Miuccio is a practicing photographer and video artist, and has shown her work in many venues in Rome. Most recently her works were included in the Rome International Festival of Photography.

Luana Perilli has served frequently as the studio instructor. Perilli is a video and installation artist, creating works with themes that address the stereotypes of cinematic narrative structures. Important venues such as the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art have hosted exhibitions of her work.

Francesca Romana Pinzari teaches drawing. Her work deals with powerful issues of  the feminine image and relationships, the body, and space. Through the medium of human and horse hair, she weaves and knots the material to form illusive images.

Pola Wickham teaches drawing and studio. Her paintings and drawings are worlds within themselves; her images stem from the recurring patterns in nature which she uses to organize the formal issues of painting and drawing.

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