Alessandro Balducci: Creating an Innovative and Imaginative Strategic Plan for the North of Italy: The Case of The New Regional Plan for Milan

Alessandro Balducci is an architect and a professor of planning and urban policies and director of the doctoral program in spatial planning and urban development at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Balducci is the former head of the Department of Architecture and Planning at the Politecnico di Milano, has served as president of the Association of the European Schools of Planning, and is a member of many academic national and international institutions in the field of planning and urban research. As an academic planner he has been responsible for the strategic plan of the Province of Milan and has been also involved in advising for plans and urban projects in Italy, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai. He has been a visiting scholar at University of California–Berkeley, the University of Reims, Helsinki University of Technology, and currently at MIT. Balducci has authored numerous books, articles, and essays. Balducci holds a doctorate in planning.

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