Alberto Kalach: 30 Years After

Figure in red standing on a mid-level landing in a building.

Department of Architecture Spring 2013 Lecture Series, Edgar A. Tafel Lecture Series

Cited as one of the most versatile and prolific architectural voices in Mexico City today, Alberto Kalach cofounded the firm Taller de Arquitectura X (TAX) in 1981 with Daniel Álvarez. Kalach works collaboratively, completing projects from residential commissions to civic structures with firms and contemporaries such as Teodoro González de León, Juan Palomar, Tonatiuh Martínez, Gustavo Lipkau, and Jose Castillo. His award-winning Jose Vasconcelos Library in Mexico City remains the largest public library in Latin America.

Kalach's concern for the emerging problems of his vast native city has inspired projects at a range of scales, from his minimal $5,000 houses to housing developments and urban master plans. Kalach's most ambitious speculative plan, México Ciudad Futura, is a scheme to rejuvenate the city's environmental and social dynamics through the rescue of the dry Texcoco lake bed, 10 kilometers away from the city's center; it was awarded a special mention at the 2002 Venice Biennale.

Kalach has lectured and taught at many universities throughout Central and North America, as well as in Western Europe. His work is the subject of a monograph from the series Contemporary World Architects, published by Rockport Publishers. Kalach studied at the Universidada Iberoamericana, Mexico City and Cornell.


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