Alan Wright: The Historical Context of American NPOs in Nicaragua and Eric Gomez: Opportunistic Sustainability as an International Architect


Alan Wright

As executive director of SosteNica, Dr. Alan Wright has managed over $15 million of microloans to help alleviate poverty in Nicaragua. With a wealth of experience, Wright's achievements exemplify the potential for planning projects to facilitate social justice through economic and environmental sustainability.

Eric Gomez

Eric Gomez is a Mexican architect and principal of Tierra Cruda. Gomez has worked in natural and bioclimatic building for 15 years. His specialties are building with earth and wood and he has worked on projects in Mexico, Spain, and France. His focus is using his architecture to create opportunities while preserving the land and its inhabitants. To accomplish this, he uses local materials to create buildings that do not disturb their environment during construction or use.  

About Cornell University Sustainable Design (CUSD) 

CUSD promotes education through action, empowerment, and innovation with several design-build projects. One of CUSD's current projects is Sustainable Neighborhoods Nicaragua (SNN) where Cornell students are researching and designing a 30-unit neighborhood plan and a sustainable house design for low-income Nicaraguan families. This is the first of a series of ecological housing developments for which SNN will serve as a model. Their vision is to create a community that is resilient enough to withstand economic and environmental change. They envision a design process that uses technologies accessible and replicable in a low-income setting.

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