Ajit Singh: The Global Financial Crisis: An Optimistic View

Professional Planning Colloquium

Ajit Singh is an Indian economist who graduated from Punjab University and obtained his doctorate at the University of California–Berkeley. He is a professor emeritus of economics at Cambridge University and senior fellow at Queens’ College, Cambridge. He has been a senior economic adviser to the governments of Mexico and Tanzania and a consultant to various United Nations developmental organizations, including the World Bank, the International Labor Organization, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

Singh’s research falls into three broad areas: studies relating to the modern corporation, corporate organization, finance and governance and theories of the firm; de-industrialization in advanced economies; and industrialization and economic policy in emerging markets. He is the author of Takeovers: Their Relevance to the Stockmarket and the Theory of the Firm and coauthor of Growth, Profitability, and Valuation, both published by Cambridge University Press. He has also published extensively in academic economic journals.

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