Adriana Cuellar and Marcel Sanchez: Opportunistic Landscape

rendering of people sunbathing and wading with a scaffolding above them

Cornell in Rome Spring 2019 Lecture Series

Adriana Cuellar and Marcel Sanchez are cofounders of CRO studio, a collaborative practice established at the border region of Tijuana/San Diego that focuses on urban renewal through architecture and research, seeking to orchestrate material aesthetics, civic engagements, environmental sustainability, programmatic inventions, and spatial appropriations that can reimagine the everyday challenges of urban living.

Recipients of numerous distinguished awards, CRO studio received in 2013 the Progressive Architecture Design Award, and two XXII CEMEX awards. The firm was also selected in Arquine's "Best of XXI century" volume five (2011–12) and volume six (2013–14); recognized among the three most outstanding architectural design projects in Mexico by Folio magazine in 2014; awarded by the 2014 IX BIAU Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism in Rosario, Argentina; and recently selected for the publication and exhibition From the Territory to the Inhabitant for their design of new housing prototypes for INFONAVIT.

Adriana Cuellar is an adjunct assistant professor at the University of San Diego. She is a 2006–07 recipient of the coveted Rome Prize in design by the American Academy in Rome. Marcel Sanchez is currently the Rome Prize winner for architecture in residence at the American Academy in Rome and is a full-time professor at Woodbury University in San Diego.

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