Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano: LOT-EK Objects and Operations

LOT-EK is a design studio based in New York City and Naples founded in 1993 by Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano. LOT-EK has been involved in residential, commercial, and institutional projects in the U.S. and abroad, as well as exhibition design and site-specific installations for major cultural institutions and museums, including MoMA, the Whitney Museum, and the Guggenheim. LOT-EK has achieved visibility in the architecture/design/art world for its sustainable approach to construction, materials, and space through the adaptive reuse of existing industrial object and systems not originally intended for architecture. LOT-EK is also recognized for the use of technology as an integral part of architecture, for addressing issues of mobility and transformability in architecture, and for blurring the boundaries between art, architecture, and entertainment. Its projects are published in national and international publications, magazines and books, including the New York Times, the London Times, Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Wallpaper, Domus, A+U, Interior Design, Wired, Surface, Metropolis, Vogue, Graphis, and more. LOT-EK’s first monograph, URBANSCAN, was published by Princeton Architectural Press in February 2002. LOT-EK MIXER, by Edizioni Press, came out in 2000 and MDU Mobile Dwelling Unit, published by DAP, came out in June 2003. Tolla and Lignano, both have a master of architecture and urban design from the Universita’ di Napoli, Italy and have completed post-graduate studies at Columbia University.

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