AAP students and faculty receive CCA funding for art projects

November 18, 2011

Cornell Chronicle — Grants awarded by the Cornell Council for the Arts (CCA) this month will support 45 arts projects on campus this academic year, including exhibitions, concerts and conferences. AAP students and faculty were among the recipients.

Funding decisions were based on project ideas, artistic merit, work that expands the boundaries of a particular discipline, and projects' potential impact on the community at large. Cornell faculty, departments and programs received 19 grants; and 26 projects by students and student organizations were awarded.   Piotr Chizinski (M.F.A. '13) will install an exhibition of paper models depicting a city fragmented by flooding, FEMA CLASS, in Milstein Hall in December, with participation from AAP students.

Katherine Somody (M.F.A. '13) will present Call Me, comprising an interactive public video installation in the Ithaca community and a May exhibition in Tjaden Gallery.   Students Alexandra Riggs (B.F.A. '13) for Cornell University Sustainable Design, Michelle Tianhui Chen (B.F.A. '13), Elizabeth Corkery (M.F.A. '13), Roxanne Yamins (B.F.A. '13), Gabrielle Wolodarski (M.F.A. '13), and Daren Kendall (M.F.A. '12), also received project grants.

Visiting assistant professor of art Carl Ostendarp is organizing an exhibition, Fat Cakes/Myopic Void, Jan. 27–March 25, 2012, at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, combining artworks from 1965–72 in the museum's collection, two painted murals by Ostendarp, and soul, jazz and psychedelic music of the era.

"I was happy to see some real interdisciplinary project ideas and pleased to have had a fairly wide distribution of departments represented in the applications process," said CCA Director Stephanie Owens, visiting assistant professor of art. "Receiving a grant was more competitive this year, which I hope will inspire future applicants to apply with only the best and most challenging projects."

By Daniel Aloi

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