AAP graduate recognized by the Cornell Tradition

May 25, 2010

Every spring since 1989 the Cornell Tradition, an alumni-endowed student recognition program at Cornell, has honored its own graduating seniors. The nine Tradition fellows, including Giselle Denbow (B.F.A. ’10), who have been honored this year for their community service and leadership efforts will use their monetary awards to benefit others.

Each senior recognized establishes a $4,000 Cornell Tradition-named fellowship for other students during the 2010-11 academic year and designate a nonprofit agency for a $500 gift.

Denbow has established the Giselle Veronica Denbow Cornell Tradition Fellowship and made a contribution to the African Genesis Corrective History Institute.

Other university fellows include: Sonam Dilwali, Tracey Yi Hsu, Morgan Miller, Troy Nickerson, Apollonya Porcelli, Ebony Ray, Edgar Sarmiento, and Yi Quan Yang.

The Cornell Tradition, a program of the university's Cornell Commitment office, was established in 1982 through an anonymous gift of $7 million. The program awards 545 fellowships each year to Cornell undergraduate students based on their work experience, campus and/or community service, leadership, and academic achievement.

Since 1989, 212 Cornell Tradition seniors have received this recognition. They, in turn, have awarded 114 fellowships to other undergraduates, while more than $300,000 has been awarded to nonprofit agencies. More than $160,000 has been awarded to the Ithaca community, benefiting such agencies as Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, the Southside Community Center, and the Ithaca Youth Bureau.

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