2016 CRP Graduate Student Fellowships and Grants

Alia Fierro in Mexico

Alia Fierro (M.R.P. '16), back row left, in blue shirt, received a CRP travel grant. photo / provided

May 3, 2016

Students in the Department of City and Regional planning often conduct field research and engage communities both locally and around the world as part of their work. Various resources, including fellowship and grant programs at Cornell, AAP, and beyond, make what they do possible.

Cornell Grants and Fellowships

Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

  • Ben Coleman (M.R.P. '17), 2016–17 Academic Year for Tagalog
  • Jacob Stock (M.R.P. '17), 2016–17 Academic Year for Hindi and Urdu
  • Jaynel Santos (M.R.P. '17), 2016 Summer Term for Tagalog

Learn more about the FLAS Fellowships. 

2016 Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies Travel Grants

  • Sonia Ahmad, Ph.D. candidate in CRP, climate change research in Bangladesh
  • Ben Coleman (M.R.P. '17), independent research in Manila, Philippines
  • Zeynep Goksel (M.R.P. '17/M.L.A. '18), independent fieldwork in Beirut, Lebanon
  • Lauren Hansen (Ph.D. CRP '17), follow-up research in Urumqi, China
  • Jaynel Santos (M.R.P. '17), independent research in Barcelona, Spain
  • Saumitra Sinha (M.R.P. '17), independent thesis research
  • Christine Wen, Ph.D. candidate in CRP, travel and research in East Asia

Learn more about Einaudi Travel Grants.

2016 Engaged Learning and Research Community Engaged Student Travel Grant

  • Disha Mendhekar (M.R.P. '17), water systems research in rural India
  • Jaynel Santos (M.R.P. '17), independent research in Barcelona, Spain
  • Carsten Schmidt (M.R.P. '17), independent research in Barcelona, Spain

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2016 Institute for African Development Grants

  • Sophia Robison (M.R.P. '17), independent research in South Africa
  • Joseph Saitta (M.R.P. '17), independent research in Kenya

Learn more about Institute for African Development Grants.

2016 City of Regional Planning Travel Grants

  • Alia Fierro (M.R.P. '16), to present "Hiding the Favela: Rio de Janeiro Mega-Events and the Minha Casa, Minha Vida Federal Housing Program," at 13th Annual Brazilian Studies Association Congress
  • Meicheng Wang (M.R.P. '17), to present "Redevelopment Models of Collective-owned Land in Beijing and Shenzhen under China's Dual Land System," at World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty
  • Yicong Yang (M.R.P. '17), to present "Understanding Informal Spaces in a Chinese Megacity," and chair the session titled "Chinese Megacities and Sustainable Development," at the 112th Annual Meeting of American Association of Geographers
  • Yating Ru (M.R.P. '17), to attend American Planning Association National Conference

Learn more about CRP funding for conference travel.

External Grants

Global Water Partnership Mediterranean

  • Laura Kenny (M.R.P. '17), research on rainwater harvesting in Santorini

Learn more about Global Water Partnership Mediterranean.

Global Planning Education Association Network and Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (GPEAN/ACSP)

  • Andrea Restrepo-Mieth, Ph.D. candidate in CRP, for participation in the World Planning Schools Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Learn more about GPEAN/ACSP.

James R. Webb Foundation

  • Peter Wissoker, Ph.D. candidate in CRP, to present "Putting the Supplier in Housing Supply," at the 2016 American Real Estate Society Annual Meeting

Learn more about the James R. Webb Foundation.

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