2014–15 Eidlitz Fellowship Recipients Announced

May 7, 2014

The Eidlitz selection committee has announced the recipients of the 2014–15 Robert James Eidlitz Travel Fellowship. Of the 43 proposals submitted by architecture students and alumni, six projects were chosen to receive travel funding:

  • Juan Carlos Artolozaga (M.Arch. '14), Palladio & Scarpa: An Architectural Reading of Veneto
  • Amanda Huang (B.Arch. '09), Mapping Matatus: The Informal Shaping the Formal
  • Michael Hughes (B.Arch. '09), Tokyo Shift: Negotiating the Low-City and Super-Levee in an Impermanent Context
  • Ann Lui (B.Arch. '10), Grafted Fields: Wrestling Dirt and Data from the Combine CommandCenter
  • Ashley Reed (M.Arch. '11), SkinNY
  • Johann Schweig (B.Arch. '10), Theodor Cron: Peruvian Architecture by a Swiss Architect

The annual competition is open to fifth-year seniors and graduate students in history of architecture and urbanism, architecture, and landscape architecture, as well as alumni of these programs who graduated within the last five years. Proposals may be submitted by individuals or teams and are accepted each spring.

Sadie Boulton Eidlitz established the fellowship in 1938 as a memorial to her late husband. Both Robert and Sadie are Cornell alumni, graduating in 1885 and 1884, respectively. Sadie Eidlitz designed the fellowship to supplement professional education through travel-based study.

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