2011–12 Student and Faculty Academic Awards

May 31, 2012


Merrill Presidential Scholar
A distinction awarded by the university to deserving graduating seniors, based on grade point average and other indications of academic excellence, who demonstrate leadership ability and community involvement and have the potential for continued contributions to society.
  • Tansy Pui Ki Mak (B.Arch. ’12)


Charles Goodwin Sands Memorial Medal
Founded in 1900 by the family of Charles Goodwin Sands (1890) and awarded on the basis of exceptional merit to architecture students in architectural design and to art students in sculpture or painting and composition.
  • Justin M. Hui (B.Arch. ’11), silver
  • Austin S. Beierle (B.Arch. ’11), bronze
  • Anton Krisitian Dekom (B.Arch. ’12), bronze
  • Frederick Howard Greis (B.F.A. ’12), bronze
  • Edith Walker Smith-Williams (B.Arch. ’12), bronze
Michael Rapuano Memorial Award
Established in 1976 and awarded to students graduating with either an undergraduate or graduate degree in architecture, landscape architecture, painting, sculpture, or planning who have performed work in any of these fields that is judged to be the most outstanding as characterized by distinction in design.
  • Baseera Kauser Khan (M.F.A. ’12)


Alpha Rho Chi Medal
The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is awarded by Alpha Rho Chi, a national professional architectural fraternity, to a graduating student in the class who has shown ability for leadership, performed willing service for the school and department, and gives promise of real, professional merit through his or her attitude and personality. The purpose of the award is to:
  • Encourage professional leadership by rewarding student accomplishment.
  • Promote the ideals of professional service by acknowledging distinctive individual contributions to school life.
  • Stimulate professional merit by commending qualities in the student which do not necessarily pertain to scholarship.
  • Daniel J. Marino (B.Arch. ’12)
  • Melissa Ann Constantine (M.Arch. ’11)
American Institute of Architects Henry Adams Medal and Certificate of Merit
The American Institute of Architects awards both an engraved medal (the Henry Adams Medal) and certificate of merit to the top-ranking graduating student in each architecture program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board.
  • Nicolas M. Martin (B.Arch. ’12)
  • Angela Afandi (M.Arch. ’12)
American Institute of Architects Certificate of Merit
A certificate of merit is awarded to the second-ranking graduating student. The award is for general excellence in architecture throughout the course of study.
  • Andrew David Heumann (B.Arch. ’12)
  • Yu Ying Goh (M.Arch. ’12)
William S. Downing Prize
Founded in 1986 by William S. Downing and awarded to winners of a special design competition in recognition of outstanding achievement in architectural design. Up to two monetary prizes are given annually to fourth and fifth year students.
  • Kyle Schumann (B.Arch. ’13)
Clifton Beckwith Brown Memorial Medal
Established in 1901 by John Harkness Brown in memory of his brother, Clifton Beckwith Brown, who was killed on the field of battle at San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War. This medal is awarded to one graduating student who has attained the highest cumulative average in architectural design over the entire course of study.
  • Nicolas M. Martin (B.Arch. ’12)
M.Arch.2 Award for Outstanding Performance in Architecture
This award is based on cumulative GPA, studio GPA, and service to the department.
  • Owen Huang (M.Arch. ’12)
The Eschweiler Prize Award for Merit and Distinction in M.Arch.1 Design Studio
Awarded annually as a prize or prizes in a competition to be held among students in the Department of Architecture, under rules determined by the faculty of the Department of Architecture.
  • Yu Ying Goh (M.Arch. ’12)
  • Suzanne Theresa Lettieri (M.Arch. ’11)
  • Hyun Seok Kang (M.Arch. ’12)
The Richmond Harold Shreve Award
Granted to architectural design, architectural science, or architectural history students for excellence in their graduate thesis.
  • Suzanne Theresa Lettieri (M.Arch. ’11)
  • Zongye Lee (M.Arch. ’12)


John Hartell Graduate Award
Established in 1995 by family members, friends, and former students in honor of John Hartell’s dedicated and distinguished 45 teaching career at Cornell, the purpose of this award is to recognize a graduate student for excellence in studio practice.
  • Daren Kendall (M.F.A. ’12)
Faculty Medal of Art  
Awarded annually to a graduating art student whose academic record and studio work, in faculty opinion, demonstrates the greatest promise of future achievement in the field of art.
  • Roxanne Alexandra Yamins (B.F.A. ’12)
Department of Art Distinguished Achievement Award
Given to a member or members of the graduating class who have shown great promise of future achievement in the field of art.
  • Lauren L. Cruvellier (B.F.A. ’12)
Charles Baskerville Painting Award
Bequeathed by Charles Baskerville ’19 to assist Cornell students in the field of painting, the Department of Art gives this award to an undergraduate or graduate student to enable her or him to participate in programs involving intensive study in the fine arts.
  • Amie Kana Cunat (M.F.A. ’12)
Elsie Dinsmore Popkin ’58 Art Award
Awarded to a graduating art student, who in the judgment of the Department of Art, has the best thesis. The award was founded in 2006 by the members of the Class of ’58 in memory of Elsie Dinsmore Popkin. Popkin was a landscape painter of some distinction and was a great friend of the department and the college.
  • Seung Bum Paik (B.F.A. ’12)
Post-Baccalaureate Art Award
Given to two to three graduating seniors based on the conceptual and artistic quality of their B.F.A. thesis exhibitions. Post-Baccalaureate Art Award-winners develop and create a body of work or installation during the six months following commencement that is exhibited in AAP NYC.
  • Frederick Greis (B.F.A. ’12)
  • Seung Paik (B.F.A. ’12)
  • Roxanne Yamins (B.F.A. ’12)


Thomas W. Mackesey Award
Awarded in memory of the former Dean of the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning. It is bestowed on a master's candidate for the degree in city and regional planning who has demonstrated unusual competence in academic work or who, by qualities of personality or leadership, has significantly contributed to the intellectual advancement of fellow students.
  • Thane Gavin Maxwell (M.R.P. ’12)
  • Zachary Michael Patton (M.R.P. ’12)
American Institute of Certified Planners Outstanding Student Award
Recognizes outstanding achievement in the study of planning by a student who is graduating from an accredited program. The criteria give priority to the quality of work in the student's courses in planning and the promise of success as a professional planner.  
  • Rebecca Elizabeth Baran-Rees (M.R.P. ’12)
John W. Reps Award
Established in 1987, in honor of Professor Reps, first chairperson of the Department of City and Regional Planning and well-known author of several books on the history of American urban development. It is given to a candidate for the degree of master of arts in historic preservation planning who has demonstrated superior academic excellence. This award is made possible through the generosity of Historic Preservation Planning Alumni, Inc.
  • Jonathon Arthur Rusch (M.A. HPP ’12)
Urban and Regional Studies Academic Achievement Award
An achievement award for the undergraduate program presented to the individuals who have achieved the highest academic average after seven semesters at Cornell. The award is in the form of a book and certificate.  
  • Timothy David Becker (B.S. URS ’12)
  • Evan Joshua Preminger (B.S. URS ’12)
Peter B. Andrews Memorial Theses Prize
Awarded for the best thesis prepared for the degree of master of regional planning. The prize was established by Mrs. Peter B. Andrews and Dr. George C. Andrews in memory of Peter B. Andrews (B.Arch. ‘55 and M.R.P. ’57).
  • Gregory Prichard (M.A. HPP ’11)
Kermit C. Parsons and Janice I. Parsons Scholarship
Established in 2000 to support students in the B.S. URS, M.R.P., M.A. HPP, and Real Estate programs, this scholarship, one at the undergraduate and the second at graduate level, recognizes the active role of Professor and Dean Kermit C. Parsons in working with all four groups of students. Specifically, the funds will be used either for undergraduate honors thesis students for costs incurred doing their research; or graduate students in CRP, both M.A. and M.R.P. students, and Real Estate students, for promising work in areas of Parsons’ interests: historic preservation, physical planning, urban design, transportation, planning history, garden/green cities, campus planning, and real estate development.
  • Rebecca Kari Gershon (M.R.P. ’12)
  • Caitlin Packard Vollmer (B.S. URS ’12)
Department of City and Regional Planning Graduate Community Service Award
Given to socially conscious and active students who, through exemplary community service within and outside of the university, significantly contributed to the department.
Cymone Deborah Bedford (M.R.P. ’12)
  • Dhanya Elizabeth Elias (M.R.P. ’12)
  • Thane Gavin Maxwell (M.R.P. ’12)
  • Ariel Beau Morales (M.R.P. ’12)
Robert P. Liversidge III Memorial Book Award  
Established in 2003 in memory of Robert P. Liversidge III, the award goes to the graduating M.R.P. student with environmental interests who exemplifies qualities such as gentleness, whimsy, love of people and ideas; is articulate, and a good writer.
  • Christopher Glenn Hayes (M.R.P. ’12)
New York Upstate Chapter of American Planning Association Award for Outstanding Student Project
Awarded to a student or a group of students in an accredited program for an outstanding paper or class project, demonstrating “innovation, transferability, quality, comprehensiveness, and potential for implementation.”
Planning for Natural Gas Drilling in the Marcellus Shale: What Communities Need to Know
  • Thomas Roger Knipe (M.R.P. ’11)
  • Vera Bartolome Diaz (M.R.P. ’11)
  • Christopher Smith (M.R.P. ’11)
  • David Jeremiah West (M.R.P. ’13)
  • Greg Waldman (M.R.P. ’11)
  • Ethan Warsh (M.R.P. ’11)
  • Austin Zwick (M.P.A. ’12)
Urban and Regional Studies Community Service Award
From two to five awards are bestowed each year, based on community service activity.
  • Marc Kristopher Dominianni (B.S. URS ’12)
  • Ryan M. Shedd (B.S. URS ’12)
Portman Graduate Student Award
Established in 1995 by the Portman Family and given to planning students whose work emphasizes the physical aspects of planning, and to a master’s candidate already enrolled in the program and about to enter their second year of study.
  • Vidhee Garg (M.R.P. ’13)
Pamela Mikus Graduate Fellowship
Established in 2009 by Mikus and awarded annually to an outstanding student in the graduate program of City and Regional Planning.
  • Rafia Usmani (M.R.P. ’12)


American Society of Landscape Architects Award of Honor
  • Benjamin David Helmes (M.R.P./M.L.A. ’13)
American Society of Landscape Architects Award of Merit
  • Benjamin Charles Hedstrom (M.L.A. ’12)
  • Rebecca Jane Montross (M.L.A. ’12)
  • Christina A. Twomey (M.L.A. ’12)


2012 Watts Prize for Faculty Excellence recognizes distinguished achievement in undergraduate teaching and honors dedication, concern for education, and demonstrated technical expertise in any artistic practice offered in the department curriculum. Mindy Watts (B.F.A. ’03) established the prize for Cornell faculty in gratitude for her excellent education in fine arts.
  •   Associate Professor Gregory Page, Art
Martin Dominguez Award for Distinguished Teaching
  • Assistant Professor Caroline O’Donnell, Richard Meier Professor of Architecture
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