ARCH 4101/4102/5101/7112
Market Forces

painting of a plate with lobster, silver jug, and fruit

Pieter Claesz, Plate with lobster, silver jug, large Berkenmeyer, fruit bowl, violin and books (1641).

  • Instructor: Kevin Carmody, Andy Groarke, Rodolfo R. Dias
  • Time: M, W, F 12:20–4:25 p.m.
  • Location: TBA
  • Credits: 6

Project: Remediating a ruin
Site: The ruins of Smithfield Meat Market, London
Program: Eating and drinking

The project will be set in the context of the rapidly changing relationship we have with the production, consumption, and representation of food within the city and society as a whole. Just like the paintings of the golden age of Dutch still life painting became more an aspirational representation of a lifestyle rather than what one might eat and drink every day (as the boastful Instagram shot of a restaurant meal may do today), our relationship with both the origins and also the enjoyment of food has become abstracted and mediated. The project seeks to speculate about architecture in a way that connects specific and vivid experiences and memories of food to the design of objects, rooms, and buildings.

The studio will take the partially ruined structures of Smithfield Meat Market, one of London's most historically important and prosperous food markets, although now subject to severe economic and physical decline, as the nexus of research. It will develop site-specific proposals for fitting new architectural form and purpose into an evolving physical, historical, and societal situation. Each project will seek alternative futures to the current redevelopment of the meat market into a Museum of London, in a way that instead reconnects this city center site to the experience and enjoyment of the production, distribution, and consumption of food once again.

The project will resist digital forms of representation in favor of making and recording physical models at various scales to develop the formal (urban and architectural), spatial, constructive, and atmospheric ideas about architecture. There will be three exercises in total to format the semester (two individual and one group work).

Andy Groarke will be in Ithaca for a total of four teaching visits (including project introduction and final review) and will be joined by Kevin Carmody for at least one of these visits. Interim fortnight reviews by Andy Groarke and Kevin Carmody will be run by Skype (from London) once per month. Rodolfo R. Dias will teach the studio full time in Ithaca. The field trip* will be to London, September 21–29, and may include visits to relevant projects by Carmody Groarke elsewhere in the U.K.

*$500 field trip contribution per student is required.

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