West Sibley Exhibition Hallway Application Form

This application must be submitted to be considered by the CRP Gallery Committee. Exhibitions are approved on a rolling basis, based on availability. Priority may be given to certain requests based on the timeliness or the committee's judgment as to value for teaching or administrative purposes, such as accreditation. Applicants will be notified as soon as practicable.

Please note: The exhibitor is responsible for all costs associated with his/her exhibit. If funding is needed, please secure before applying. All individuals who are given exhibit space in the West Sibley hallway must read and sign the gallery's rules and regulations before installing their exhibition, available from the gallery coordinator.

Additional descriptive information can be added as an upload below. The document is limited to two pages and should contain images of the work to be exhibited.
Please list all the materials to be used in the exhibition:
Date Preferences:
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