M.R.P. Class Enrollment Petition

  • This petition is to be used only under exceptional circumstances to alter class enrollment after the university's official class enrollment dates. The student must provide an explanation for all enrollment changes.
  • After obtaining the signature from the instructor of the class and from the graduate field coordinator, submit the completed form to the AAP Registrar, B1 W. Sibley Hall.
  • Provide a copy of the completed form to the graduate field coordinator.

Fields marked with * are required.

Requested Action

Signatures of Approval

Instructor Name: ___________________________________   NetID: _________________

Instructor Signature:  ________________________________   Date: __________________

Graduate Field Administrator name:  _____________________________________________

Graduate Field Administrator Signature:  __________________________________________

AAP Registrar Use Only

AAP Registrar Approval Signature: __________________________   Date Processed: ___________

MGF Processed
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