ARCH 4101/4102/5101/5116/7113
The College of Climaticism

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  • Instructor: Ryan Otterson, Philippe Rahm
  • Time: M, W, F 12:20–4:25 p.m.
  • Location: TBA
  • Credits: 6

Global warming is profoundly transforming our societies. It is therefore interesting to reflect on how the university can also be called upon to transform itself with the emergence of climate urgency and the obligation to seek solutions to combat global warming and train students to be capable of responding to all of today's climate challenges, in the humanities as well as in the natural sciences, engineering, and design.

Our studio proposes to design and project a new building, a new institute in the heart of the Cornell campus: a place where climate knowledge is gathered, a school, a research laboratory, a learning center dedicated to global warming and the search for solutions to counter it. The project will focus on questioning all scales and moments within;

  • The choice of site
  • The definition of the program
  • The financing of the project
  • The architecture
  • The building environment
  • Materials
  • The details

All positions taken at these scales will be of a climatic and meteorological nature, with a view to inventing new project methods, learning to design and draw a new architecture, and imagining a new aesthetic specific to the new climate regime without CO2 emissions.

Global warming reminds us that architecture is fundamentally the art of building climates: houses are used to cool down when it is too hot, to shade when there is too much sun, to be warmer when it is too cold, to shelter when it rains. Could we, therefore, change the manufacturing methods of the architectural and urban project, and make climate and meteorology the tools of design? What is a meteorological city then? What is climatic architecture?

Philippe Rahm will be in Ithaca on the following dates: February 3–7, March 9–11, April 13–17, and May 4–6. Visiting Critic Ryan Otterson will collaborate in the studio on a full-time basis in Ithaca.

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