ARCH 6805
Practicum: Tell Me About Your Archive

 Grid of 8 rectangles, each showing a piece of art from an exhibition titled

Mail-Art show, Artistic Activities in the Countryside (Büro für künstlerische Umtriebe auf dem Land), Switzerland (1983). Works by Guy Bleus, Demos Ronchi, Pawel Petasz, Johan van Geluwe, Pete Horobin, Wally Darnell, and Rudolph.

  • Instructor: Samia Henni
  • Time: M 9:05–11 a.m.
  • Location: 261B East Sibley Hall
  • Credits: 4

Research practices are contingent on the nature and status of an "archive" — that is, in the broader sense, a collection of textual and audio-visual documents and artifacts of the past. The seminar investigates various approaches to interrogating as well as building an "archive," which informs the production of discourses, the writing of histories, and the exhibiting of stories. On the one hand, we will question the authority of an "archive" by examining and discussing a series of architectural and theoretical texts. On the other hand, we will examine the building of the "archive" by interviewing and challenging several architectural historians and theorists, including Jean-Louis Cohen, Beatriz Colomina, Mary McLeod, Anthony Vidler, and many others. The resulting interviews will be posted on an online platform, Tell Me About Your Archive, and will be exhibited at Cornell's architecture department. Through the question of the "archive," we will scrutinize how certain architectural histories and theories are constructed, preserved, interpreted, or suppressed, and expand our acquaintance with research practices.

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