ARCH 4619/6605
Acoustics for Architects: Hearing, Listening, Designing

Three people on a stage in a glassed-in room overlooking a city

Jazz at Lincoln Center.

This seminar will explore the sonic environment that we inhabit, especially the built environment, in order to become more familiar with the artistry/technology of sound, from noise to music. It is hoped that participating (architecture/design/arts) students will come to consider the acoustic character of their work as important as that of light, form, color, and structure, and acquire an abiding interest in "how spaces should sound." The Cornell campus environment will be our laboratory. In addition, there will be two field trips, one to Binghamton to the laboratory of University of Binghamton Professor Ron Miles and the manufacturing facilities of McIntosh Labs. The other will be to New York City to explore "The Sound of the City" with acousticians Ben Markham, Robert Lee, and Seth Cluet, director of the Sound Arts program at Columbia University. This will include visits to major performance venues, an evening performance, and exploration of selected major urban spaces of the city.

Instructor permission required:

The seminar is open to all Cornell students but due to limited enrollment, permission of instructor will be required. Please attend the first class.

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