ARCH 4605/6605
In Pursuit of Great Form II : Column Typologies

Two level sculpture constructed of columns and platforms

Totem, Architectural Association Visiting School Las Pozas (2016).

  • Instructor: Umberto Bellardi Ricci
  • Time: Th 12:20–2:15 p.m.
  • Location: Milstein Hall west exhibition hallway
  • Credits: 3

As one of the fundamental elements of architecture, we will be studying column typologies and design our own iterations in concrete. Looking at classical, modern, and contemporary precedents, we will speculate on modular, totemic, continuous column systems and building elements.

We will study the aggregates and different types of formworks that will allow us to explore different design strategies and formal approaches.

Considering the pedestal, the capital, the column, and the connecting slab and grid systems as design opportunities, we will explore different experimental approaches to connecting columns, sacrificial formwork, and connectors to develop new types of modular columns that we will photograph in various scalar explorations. We place and consider sites around Ithaca to propose a potential sculpture route punctuating the region around Ithaca.

Instructor permission required:

Students must attend the first class.

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