ARCH 4605/6605
The Detail

a series of diagrams demonstrating how to draw a croissant

How to Lay Out a Croissant, by Enrique Miralles with Eva Prats.

  • Instructor: Rodolfo R. Dias
  • Time: Th 2:30–4:25 p.m.
  • Location: 261C East Sibley Hall
  • Credits: 3

I. Rationale: Special Topics in Construction seminar that focuses on the detail as the conceptual generator and where the students will learn to take a position regarding "The Detail."

II. Course Aims and Objectives: Present to the students a vast overview of inspiring architectural details of contemporary architecture. Bring the ability to identify architectural details and complexities and its importance in the overall experience of architecture. Develop skills in the representation of architectural details, per standards following the professional field.

III. Format and Procedures: Class will consist of lectures, discussion upon material presented, and presentation of students research work. First part of class to be dedicated to visuals of notable contemporary architectural details, and concurrent open discussion with students. Lecture format to be a conversation between instructor and students. Students expected to individually research assigned case study buildings to detail level. As a second part, the students will individually design and detail a small pavilion structure that builds on the collective knowledge from the first assignment research. In the third part, the students will create iterations of their pavilion in scale models focused on materials and details.

IV. Instructor Assumptions: Instructor assumption is that the students can demonstrate how a consistent concept informs both the overall spatial concept and the development of the details. Understand that details are interconnected with other disciplines and understand the immense decision making and constant dialogue between different parties during the detailing process. Develop a medium, custom for each student, to expedite communication.

Instructor permission required:

Students must attend the first class.

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