Modus Operandi

Three rectangular black-and-white images of wooden doors side-by-side.

Detail at Querini Stmapalia Foundation, Venice. Carlo Scarpa ca., 1963.

  • Instructor: Luben Dimcheff
  • Time:
  • Location: AAP ROME
  • Credits: 3
  • Territory of Investigation: Architecture and Representation

This elective course will focus on "hardware" or the operable parts of architecture: hinges, lock-sets, door and window handles, stops, hooks, dungeon gates, pulleys, etc. As we explore Rome and travel North and South, and transverse as well in time through key periods of architecture and building practices, we will compile an extensive Atlas of such instrumental elements. Methodical in-situ documentation and analytical full-scale drawings will elevate our understanding of a set of operations we tend to take for granted. Through the careful recording and study of these artifacts and their creative re-appropriation, we will develop opportunistic hybrids that can be eventually generative of architectural constructs of various scales. A select sub-set will be modeled digitally and 3D printed back in Ithaca, to be then cast and shared within the Department in a carefully curated exhibition of this Atlas of Details in the Fall of 2020. [no FA '20 commitment required.]

Open to B.Arch students only. Enrollment by permission of the instructor.

Instructor permission required:

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