ARCH 4408/6408/4509/6509
Special Topics in Visual Representation and ACS: Spatial Choreography

people running in circles on a white floor marked with circular diagrams

Cosi Fan Tutte in Opera of Paris (2016). photo / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

  • Instructor:
  • Time: T 12:20—2:15 p.m.
  • Location: 144 East Sibley Hall
  • Credits: 3

From Oskar Schlemmer's Triadic Ballet and other theatrical productions and performances made in Bauhaus, to Rudolf Laban's Theory of Space, architecture, theater, and performance were always tightly intertwined inside of the creative process and critical thinking. This class will focus on the performative relationship of body and space. We will learn from architectural and performance arts precedents through research and, in parallel, experiment with various performance arts methods and techniques in relation to spatial questions. We will consider space within and beyond its physical boundaries engaging our bodies with social space, political space, etc., and discover ways in which our environment shapes our physical, social, and emotional bodies and behaviors and vice versa. The class will result in a group performance. A collaboration with the music and/or performing arts department might be possible along with guest lectures and workshops by experts in related disciplines.

Class requirements include research presentation, weekly readings and/or exercises and participation in discussion, and a final project.

*This class is open to students who were previously enrolled in Body, Space, and the In Between seminar, and no prior experience in movement or performance is necessary.

Instructor permission required:

Students must attend the first class.

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