ARCH 3819/5819/4408/6408
Racial Spaces

A person on horseback on a massive plinth and the face of a person projected on the plinth.

  • Instructor: D. Medina Lasansky
  • Time: T 11:30 a.m.–1:25 p.m.
  • Location: OL
  • Credits: 3
  • Territory of Investigation: Architecture and Representation, Architecture and Urbanism

This class will explore the ways in which race has been either overlooked or explicitly ghettoized in specific design moments. The relationship between the social construction of race and the construction of the built environment is heavily intertwined. How is difference delineated, confirmed, and understood in the built environment? What are the consequences of the processes by which difference is delineated? And how might the lessons of this push architects and historians to practice in ways that are both more creative and inclusive?

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